The Trophy DES Offshore is essentially a standard Trophy DES helmet prepared for offshore use – where the helmet color is mandatory. It is a high quality open face helmet with features out of its price class. Carrying the latest Snell rating, this Kelvar/Fiberglass Composite helmet is primarily aimed at Rally drivers and navigators not required to wear an FIA 8860 helmet. It is also perfect for Autocross use where the confines of a closed-face helmet are not absolutely necessary.

The Trophy DES Offshore has integrated communications equipment as well as Stilo’s proprietary earmuffs which not only give you a more comfortable aural environment, but help make the helmet fit better. Please note: The Trophy Offshore is designed to work with the ST-30 and WRC DES Intercom systems. It will not work with the entry-level Trophy Intercom.

Features an M6 nut integrated into the shell to interface with Head and Neck Restraint Systems.